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Urgent Massage for Solid India Set-Top Box customers

Urgent Massage for Solid Set-Top Box customers

This is official massage for our all set-top box customers that company is providing many PVR / Recording feature set-top box. But we are receiving calls / emails about our all set-top boxes that which formats play and which not.

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This is informing to all customers that we do not have guarantee about downloaded formats which used in STBs. If you want play all formats then you can buy Media players, STBs play formats only receivable by DTH antenna.

Recently company launched Solid 740HD STB which support most of video formats but it does not mean that it will play all. Solid company will response on these types of queries. Company always try to give best products to our customers.

Thanks for your support. For any feedback and question please email us at sales@solid4you.co.in

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  1. Setelie stup kase karni hai urgent

  2. श्रीमान मैंने सोलिड HD S2-6141 ऐक हफ्ता पेहले अमेजोन से मंगवाया था सर वह ता काम नही करता है फ्रन्ट आन आफ स्विच्च काम नही कता है डिस्प्ले रेड लेट आन हो जाता है लेखिन डेड पडाहै रिमोट फन्क्षन भी काम नही कर रहा है इसको क्या करूं कुछ बताये श्रीमान धन्यवाद

  3. Sir mere Solid 6303 set top box me red light nahi JAL raha Hi our signal nahi aarha hi please help me

  4. I get it solid6303 box software updates in box hanging plz re instaltion idea


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