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PM Modi's Government Work : A View via Animation

Modi government work in Animation

Courtesy : Crazycub Animations

BSNL Launched Free Call Forwarding Service from BSNL Mobile to BSNL Landline

Telecom minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad announced on 30th May 2016 that now Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) provide free call forwarding service to all mobile subscribers. This service will be free for prepaid and post paid subscribers.

BSNL launches Call forwarding service from BSNL Mobile to BSNL Landline

BSNL give brand name to this service "Free to Home Service", now it is available from May 30, 2016 on PAN India basis.

"BSNL, launched 'Free to Home Service' for its all mobile customers to receive mobile calls on their BSNL landline phones free of cost while at home or in office as per their convenience," BSNL said in a statement.

Here are some benefits from BSNL "Free to Home" service.

  • If you are getting poor voice quality inside house or mobile mike problem then you can forward call to your landline.
  • If you are not having network coverage in house basement, then you can transfer free BSNL phone calls to your BSNL landline.
  • BSNL "Free to Home" call forwarding will also help you to get calls while your mobile is not charged.
  • You can talk more without fear of mobile radiation.

There are so many call forwarding options available like

  • Always divert phone calls
  • Divert phone calls when number busy
  • Divert phone calls when out of coverage area
  • Divert phone calls if not responding

So BSNL subscribers now can choose any one option to get mobile calls on landline.

How to Transfer Mobile Data in idea ?

Now a days, All Mobile operators trying to give best services and feature to own customer, This service  data transfer to another number at same operator have every mobile operators.

By using this service, you can easily transfer mobile internet data to another Idea mobile number in couple of minutes. Here is very simple steps that will let you know that How to transfer internet mobile data to another idea number and also let you know that how to take internet data as a loan.

Our step by step tutorial will help you to send internet data idea to idea numbers.

How to transfer Internet Data from Idea to Idea ?

To share your internet 2G / 3G / 4G data with someone on same idea network, you first have to register for Idea Easy Share, go to idea official website and register for this service.


Go to Idea Easy Share
How to Transfer Mobile Data in idea ?
Prepaid customers must choose Prepaid Easy share & Post customers must choose Postpaid Easy Share.

How to Transfer Mobile Data in idea ?
Select your Idea circle i.e., your State where the Sim is Registered.
How to Transfer Mobile Data in idea to idea ?
Just buy this plan from below and share benefits by dialling *121*121# or logging into your account from here.

Step:3 (For Login option):
Idea allows you to transfer anything, may it be talktime, SMS pack or Internet Mbs to other Idea Customer.

To transfer Idea mobile data to other Idea number, you either need to dial this Idea internet data transfer code *121*121# or login here.
How to Transfer Mobile Data in idea ?

Now you need to select how much internet data you want to donate or share. z. You can transfer 100, 150, 150 MB data. For this they will charge Rs 1, 2, 3 as convince fee respectively.

How to Transfer Mobile Data in idea ?

Now you can use the same method to transfer SMS from IDEA to IDEA.

So using this easy trick you can share or donate your Idea Internet data to other user.

Terms and Conditions for Idea Easy Share:

Customer can recharge with the EasyShare plans, and he can become a donor and transfer some benefits from his pack to Idea prepaid subscribers of his circle, after choosing any of the transfer packs. Subscriber can’t transfer the benefits that he has received from any other Donor. The transfer cannot happen to customers own MSISDN.

The transfer fee for sharing will be deducted from the main TT balance. Customer should have sufficient TT balance and in the EasyShare dedicated accounts for initiating the transfer.
Customer can add the beneficiaries through WEB (Max 5). Removal of beneficiaries can happen also through USSD. A beneficiary can be part of multiple customers list.

The EasyShare packs and transfer packs will serve as add-on packs. Data could be 2G/3G, depending on customer’s existing plan and handset.

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How to Fix Windows10 Mobile Equiliser and other Application Update Error?

How to Fix Windows10 Mobile Equiliser and other Application Update Error?

I am a big fan of Window10 mobile, every insider update install frequently to see what's new in this upgrade. I hope you are also window10 mobile lover. But from long time I was getting a issue with my device whenever I upgrade my device and hard reset then some applications not installed.

Most applications show errors;
Lumia Help & Tips
Rate your Device
Gestures & Touch
Lumia Motion Data etc etc.
How to fix windows10 mobile Equiliser and other application update error?

These applications say there is an update available, but I press update icon it show error "This app needs to be installed on internal storage". It was a big question in my find that why it is happening because some of devices not showing this error. (Who are not using SD card).

Here is solution:
To fix this error Go to
Menu >> Settings >> System >> Storage >> Select "SD CARD"  >> Select "Apps & games".

Now move all applications which is showing error to phone memory (Internal memory (This Device) and restart your phone.

Now open your store and update your applications. I hope your problem has been fixed, if not let me know.

जाने आप ब्लोगिग केरियर मे असफ़ल क्यू है ? - Why unsuccessful in Blogging?

क्या आप ब्लॉगिंग करते है? और आप अपनी मेहनत के अनुसार नही कमा पा रहे है? बिल्कुल आपको ये सारे प्रश्न परेशान करते होंगे क्यूकी आप बहुत सारा समय अपने लॅपटॉप के सामने निकलते है लेकिन हाथ मे सिर्फ़ उदासी ही लगती है. बहुत से लोग तो ब्लोगिग करना भी छोड़ देते है. पर मे आपको बताना चाहता हू, की कोई भी वस्तु बड़ी आसानी से नही मिलती है उसके लिए आपको तन और मन से लगना पड़ता है. अगर आप किसी भी चीज़ मे सफलता नही पा रहे है तो इसका मतलब ये नही है की वो रास्ता आपने ग़लत चुना है, हो सकता है की आपको पता ही ना हो की उस रास्ते पर चलना कैसे है, ऐसे ही कुछ विंदूयो से आपको मे अवगत कराना चाहता हू और आशा करता हू की आप अपना ब्लॉगिंग का रास्ता नही छोड़ेंगे.
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