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Howdy, Friends!

Welcome to PradeepTomar.com (PT), my life's first blog or website. I booked this blog in 05/05/2011; you can say this birth date.
Now I have so many blogs in different-2 topics as DTH News, Track Dish, etc. and I changed my blog to help bloggers who want to move their life to blog successful blogging carrier.

I didn't know before that what I am doing but in me really surprised to see its magic, because it was biggest life changing step of my life. If you don't have single blog, then I will say it is a big mistake of your life because of my blog you can speak at your home but your voice will go every corner of this planet. Just see around yourself what you can speak. Now I am changing my blog "PradeepTomar.com" as a community of peoples who want to be Boss less employee, who are passionate about discovering new things every day, In the World most of the people think that blogging is only to write about yourself or personal story but it’s not true.

I understand that from beginning it is very hard work but after few years it will be a smart work for your entire life, you will live for your blog and with your blog.
  • What you will get from my blog:
  • How do you make money online?
  • Which are the best blog creating websites?
  • How to create a free blog website?
  • How you can quit from current Job & become successful blogger (Own Boss)?
  • How you can create a community related to your knowledge & establish yourself?

Hello from Pradeep Singh Tomar {that’s me :-)}
Pradeep Singh Tomar
Me :-)
Hey there,
My name is Pradeep Tomar; I am the person who is behind of PradeepTomar.com Blog. I started blogging as a just time pass in 2011, but really next coming years were very surprising for me. Now it becomes my passion for learning and sharing things. I really love to teach technical books, gadgets review, website review, etc. As you can see in my blog have posted on different topics and language, because in starting I love to post randomly. But now thought to change it to complete for my blogger friends or community to help them to achieve their achievement.

Today, I am glad to say that Blogging life has given me much more than money, now I can see this world from different-2 angles or views. Now I live my life without any tension, I love to travel the world with my loving laptop, I never feel that I am alone. I know that you all are with me :-)

In last, I would say "Just start yourself from today and from now".

My Education background:
I completed my primary education study from "Rajendra Convent School Bhind" in 2005 and get my bachelor (B.A) degree in Economics from Jain College Bhind, MP in 2011. I have also done a few technical courses in Computer, Programming, Typing, ITI, etc.

Along with my this blog, I have also started some other services in the last 3-4 years which are MarginPrice (Shopping), ValSolution (Web design & Development), HindiHaiHum ( Hindi Blog) and Widehosting (Domain & Hosting services).

At this time I cannot say that I am 100% successful but I would say
  I am running in the right way & one day I will achieve my Goal, :-)

Thank You So Much My All Loving Friends !!

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