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How to update mobile number in the vehicle registration?

As you know, Now it is mandatory to update or link your mobile number with your vehicle RC (Registration Certificate). Today I will let you know how to change these details at home. You can update or link a new mobile number with your Vehicle RC.

As you know the Indian government introduced a new Motor Vehicle Act 2019 from 1st September 2019. Along with this, some important changes have been made in the driving license (DL) and registration certificate (RC) for the drivers and owners of the vehicles. These changes were also implemented, according to MVA 2019, but very few people are aware of this.

Currently, these changes have been made mandatory for drivers in Delhi and Gujarat states. So it is very important for all drivers to know these new rules. Information about these changes can also give you relief from heavy traffic challans.

Is mobile number linking is mandatory with the RC? :

With the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act, the government has started the process of linking mobile numbers from driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates for all the drivers in India.

How to link Mobile numbers for newly purchased vehicles?-

In the new vehicle registration and driving license, the mobile number is being linked by the RTO itself.

How to link Mobile number online for existing vehicle owners or drivers in vehicle RC? -

Existing vehicle or Driver license ​​holders will have to update their mobile number by visiting the RTO office or you can also update by visiting the RTO / Parivahan website.

If you want to link or update your mobile number with existing RC then you can visit website. After that click on the website menu "Online Services" and find the "Vehicle Related Servies".
Now you will find two options to choose your state. If you are from Delhi and Sikkim state then choose the first option and if you are from other states then click on the second option "The other States".
how to change mobile number in vehicle registration in india, parivahan

A - Know how to update or link mobile number for Delhi and Sikkim Vehicle Owners-

Delhi and Sikkim users will be referred to another website
Here are steps -
1- Enter the above URL in your browser to open the Parivahan website.
2- On this Parivahan, website click on the "Login" button on the right side.
3- If you already have a login ID and password then you can log in to the Parivahan website, otherwise you can register your account here.
how to change mobile number in vehicle registration in telangana,
For registration of account on Parivahan, website. You need to enter valid email id and mobile for OTP purpose and select states, Delhi or Sikkim.
how to change mobile number in rto telangana, ministry of road transport and highways

After login on Parivahan website, just browse the menu "Other Services" and click on "Update User Mobile No."
Now you can update your mobile number with RC by giving the Vehicle Chassis number and engine number.

B - Know how to update or link mobile number for other states Vehicle Owners -

Other state users will be referred to the new parivahan website to

For the other state, vehicle owners visit the above URL and browse the menu on the Parivahan website. You will find "Other Online Services".  Just click on that and enter your vehicle or RC registration number here.
update mobile number in rc book, update mobile number in vehicle registration

After login on Parivahan website for other states. Now browse the site menu and click on the "Online Servies" after that "Misc".
Now enter your registration or vehicle registration number again and chassis number. Now you can upgrade your mobile number.

Delhi and Gujarat RC number update for Traffic

Please let me know if you have liked this information, If you think this information is not correct let me know via the comment section so that I can check for you.

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