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ll We accepting Guest posts, Submit your Guest Post, Press Release and Articles Free ll

Hey!! Friend,
If you aren’t satisfied with your blog or website traffic then you don’t have much to complain about it. Just start guest posting today with us and other blogs and websites, and see your influence grow in months / weeks.
Yes, we are accepting Guest Posts but if you are good guest poster and want good friendship with me then we are also expecting few things from you:
  • ·         Link the our post url to other blogs
  • ·         Promote your post url on Twitter (several times)
  • ·         Share your post url on Face book (several times)
  • ·         Stick around and respond to comments on the post.
  • ·         Post name and contact information after the post.
We accpet Guest posts, Submit your Guest Post, Press Release and Articles Free
While not everyone does this, but if you will do then it is big "Thanks to you in advance".
But we are not accepting all posts; we have some guest blogging guidelines. Read below.

1. Your content should be 100% unique and hand-written.
2. Need minimum one copyright free image related to your post.
3. Minimum 300 words and 3 paragraphs required within article.
4. Post should be informative; it should not appear a marketing trick.
5. Your post should be in WordPad / MS word with proper headings and spelling checks
6. Your post format should be like below

Short Description (Two or Three line): About your post, that what you want to say.
Description: Description with proper information which provides all information related to topics with all answers. How, When, Which etc.

Tags: Few SEO Keywords related to your topic.

Send it today at publish @pradeeptomar.com
We will inform you once your guest post will be live and don’t forget to promote on your social channels.

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