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Best Solution for DTH Signal Problem in Rainy Seasons - Solved

Best Solution for DTH Signal Problem in Rainy Seasons 

Hello !! Are you using DTH sytesm to watch TV Channels, If yes then You also may have problem in rainy seasons. At this time in India 40% peoples using DTH system in thier homes.

" According to Mr. sandeep who is living in Gwalior said " I have Videocon D2H system and in rainy season I am unable to get signals or unable to watch channels, is there any solution for this problem".

Now we will tell you, yes we have solution for this. you should use good LNB at your DTH. LNB means low noise block filter which convert magnet frequency to analog frequency for use in Set top Box. But in rainy season these LNB get very low signals due to clouds.

At this in Indian market, every body using 0.03dB LNB or 0.05dB LNB is bad for rainy season, so you should purchase very low noise LNB. i.e 0.01 LNB which now available online stores and dealers.

Solid compnay launched this LNB this year and according to company they are getting very good feedback by using this LNB. so Now you can use this lnb with your existing DTH system i.e Dish TV, Videocon D2H, Airtel Digital Tv, Sun Direct DTH, Free to Air DD Direct Plus, TATA Sky, Big TV.

You can also find this LNB on Solid's website, Ku band HD LNB Low Noise 0.01.

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  1. Are you sure about this?? If it's working thn why the dth companies are not using this??

  2. I expect DTH in C-Band. Here the advantage is, it wont affected by rain. It can be achieved through 6 feet dish antenna

  3. Replies
    1. Ku band requires tiny antenna whereas c band requires big ass antennas

  4. Definitely..... without software optimisation it cannot be possible..... And it is not a viable solution.....

  5. I am trying to buy reliance dth and i have tried many websites like comparedth.com kaomparify.com www.tatadish.com but not able to buy it can you help me with that

  6. I am using videocon d2h & the same problem is there. How to get rid of it ?

  7. Dth problem having in no rainy seassion then what I am doing.

  8. How to set my dth antena without any spend money to service provider

  9. Just increase size of DTH Antenna or use branded LNB.

  10. Hi I'm Shaik abdullah from chennai and I'm DTH technician anybody chennai people face problems in any DTH contact me.Im service provider & contact me only chennai people 9940462274.shaikabdullah1981@gmail.com

  11. Hai Friends i have Reliance Digital Tv I never face such kind of problem. Reliance Digital Tv LNB is best for Rainfall Time when compare to other DTH operator.


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