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Binatone DT 850W Wifi Configuration with MAC Filter in simple steps

Here is configuration of secure wifi for Binatone DT 850W modem with MAC Filter so that you can secure your internet connection. Here is simple steps with images.

How to open Binatone DT 850W Wifi Configuration page?
For open your Binatone dt850w modem configuration page, type your default gateway IP:, After that it will ask you for user name and password. You can contact to your service provider to take modem's username and password.

How to Configuration Binatone DT 850W Wifi modem ?
Step-1 : As mentioned above that open your Modem web interface by default gateway of your modem (
Step-2 : After open router web interface click on "Interface Setup"

binatone dt 850w configuration for airtel
STEP-3 : After that click on "LAN" tab and you will see many functions in this page.
STEP-4 : As showing above click on "Current Pool Summary" to see given below window which showing how many persons using internet by this device.
binatone dt 845w configuration for bsnl broadband
STEP-5-A : In Host Name you can see name of device, please copy all to a notebook.
STEP-6-B : In MAC Address, you will see physical address (MAC Address) of that device. please copy all to a notebook.

How to Change WiFi Password Binatone DT 850W
STEP-5 : After copy "Device name" and "Mac Addresses) Click on above "Wireless" tab.
STEP-6 : As showing in above picture, please set "Broadcast SSID - Yes" and give a name of SSIDs (Wireless Broadcast Name).
STEP-7 : Now you can set encryption(Password) for your wireless network, Select Encryption type and in "Pre-Shared Key" give password for your Wi-Fi.

How to active MAC filter in Binatone DT 850W modem / router
Warning !! : If you have technical knowledge then try this (Wireless MAC Address Filter) function otherwise not, because you may block yourself to keep modem/internet uses.
STEP-8 : Click on "Activated" button for active this function and set action "Allow Association" or "Deny Association" and enter MAC address in below column in right format. Where:
"Allow Association" means : Allow internet/modem uses to given below MAC address's only.
"Deny Association" means : Don't allow given below MAC addresses to use internet or device. Other all MAC address will work.
Now "SAVE" your settings.
How to save settings and restart Binatone DT 850W modem / router
STEP-9 : Now click on "Maintenance" tab.
STEP-10 : You will see "SysRestart", Click on that.
STEP-11 : Now restart your modem with active button of "Current Settings".

After restart Binatone 850W router, all lights will off, wait for 1-2 minutes to stable all lights again. Now you will see new name of your Wifi Network with password given by you in STEP-7.

 If you have any question about this wifi password and MAC filter, you can ask via comment, I will edit this post according to your question so that more visitors can learn wi-fi configuration. Please share this post on your facebook and twitter to reach more and more.(give credit to us).

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  1. I am using binatone dt850w adsl router that originally connect gave me.Now I want to use this binatone with my new reliance modem connection.Moreover, reliance modem has rj-45 wan port and connect router has rj-11 port. How can I connect all these so that I can have properly working wifi?(Becoz I don't want to buy new wifi router ;) . Reply Fast.....

  2. how to add more rows in wifi-filter settings

  3. Plzz plzz tell me how to do bandwith setting to limits the speed ither of other user using my airtel binatone wifi

  4. Hi I am using Binatone DT910W router. I want to give access only to limited devices through MAC address. The pages and tabs look totally different what you have explained, may be because of the version . I was using d-link and MAC filtering seemed to be very easy but in Binatone, even though I gav only my mobile's MAC address, it gets connected to other devices as well.

    I checked after restarting the modem also. Please help on how the "MAC filterning" works here!!

    Thanks a lot,

  5. So will this make the local IP address constant ?

  6. The most dangerous places to use WiFi are public networks such as in airports, hotels, or coffee shops. Even if they are passworded, realize that the same password is given to everyone, and that sometimes professional hackers hang out on these networks just waiting and sniffing.antique tractor pulling

  7. how to limit the speed of wifi connected devices in 845w model

    1. You can limit your bandwidth (Download and Uploading Speed) - Read here - https://goo.gl/7q5kKZ


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