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How to Fix Windows10 Mobile Equiliser and other Application Update Error?

How to Fix Windows10 Mobile Equiliser and other Application Update Error?

I am a big fan of Window10 mobile, every insider update install frequently to see what's new in this upgrade. I hope you are also window10 mobile lover. But from long time I was getting a issue with my device whenever I upgrade my device and hard reset then some applications not installed.

Most applications show errors;
Lumia Help & Tips
Rate your Device
Gestures & Touch
Lumia Motion Data etc etc.
How to fix windows10 mobile Equiliser and other application update error?

These applications say there is an update available, but I press update icon it show error "This app needs to be installed on internal storage". It was a big question in my find that why it is happening because some of devices not showing this error. (Who are not using SD card).

Here is solution:
To fix this error Go to
Menu >> Settings >> System >> Storage >> Select "SD CARD"  >> Select "Apps & games".

Now move all applications which is showing error to phone memory (Internal memory (This Device) and restart your phone.

Now open your store and update your applications. I hope your problem has been fixed, if not let me know.

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  1. Worked great! Thanks for posting this. Solved a very frustrating issue. Seems to me that windows store should be able to advise this fix.

  2. the Windows10 event in January Microsoft has recognized something that Apple has known for quite a long time...that people use MANY devices. From PC's to tablets to phones to TVs and...as our previous blog post mentioned.. Wait Operation


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