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Welcome to my first website / blog on

Hello Friend!

 Welcome to My Blog -! I am Pradeep Singh Tomar, from Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. (Chambal Region).

I have created my first blog and the first post which I have started with Blogger. Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google. I have not decided yet on my blog niche (topic) but still started a blogging journey.

Today is 6 January 2012, and I will track my blogging journey from this date after the next few years.

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My hobbies - I love writing and reading so finally I decided to work in the same field which I love most. Although I always keen to learn the latest technology and find new things.

Completed - 

Hardware and Networking

Web Development and programming

ITI - 2 Years

Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) for 2 years

Graduation in Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics(B.A.)

Master Degree - pursuing MBA from ICFAI University in International Business & Marketing

Favorite subjects - 

Mathematics, Physics, Programming languages, History & Economics.

Politics - 

I just hate politics in every manner.

What I will do, if I am Alone?

I always love to read my religious books to know the Truth. ( Ved, Puran & Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta).

If you love to share something new, something interesting, something old, something new, and some things special, then I suggest you to please start blogging.

Do you know, how much cost this website for me?

I have bought a domain at Rs.800+ from, You should also buy a domain from because there are no hidden charges. Lots of companies offering a domain name at Rs.99 for a year, but after a year they start billing Rs.1500 for a lifetime, it may cost you more. 

Why started blogging -

This blog is not only for helping beginners also for posting personal thoughts, which I am learning in daily life.


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