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Beware of Fraudulent Calls from Pakistan / Bangladesh / Nepal

Did you receive any lottery winning Phone call, Text massage or missed call then beware and save  yourself. 

New Delhi: “Hello Sir! You won Lottery of 25 Lacs and please provide me your bank account number so that we can deposit money to your bank account". Are you getting calls from Pakistan same as above then please be alert.

This type of call comes from Pakistan Phone numbers which is start +92 or +375. First they will tell you how much you won, and then they will tell you how to get this money.

When they feel you are impressed with this money then they will tell you to deposit some amount to their Indian Bank accounts.

How to save yourself ?

  • Avoid calling back an international missed call.
  • Refrain from calling back numbers with prefix other than +91(India Code).
  • Immediately disconnect in case call back on these inernational premium numbers.
  • Don't share any personal and back account information.
  • Don't hang-up even if you ar asked to by the caller.
  • Report all matter and follow to your mobile operators
  • Get new sim if required or contact to Police.

For Example: If they are offering wining price Rs.25 Lacs then they will told you to deposited Rs.25000 to Indian bank accounts.

Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Calls from Pakistan

 It is a big question from where they get Indian bank account. My friend received call and he was giving SBI bank account number. He received call from 00923027877900.

Although Telecom operators like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel etc. already warn to customer that they do not receive this type call or do not call back to that type numbers.
Because these are international numbers so you may lose your main balance.

Some of the numbers, which are allegedly being used in this fraud, are +923044433686, +923007355415, +923414801276, +923423128685, +923417992778, +923026393127, +923027471183, etc.

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