5 Things You Should not Post on Social Sites

Now a day’s social networking is very popular for everyone. Everybody using social networking sites and wants to be ahead from each other. Some time we upload very private things on social sites which can be very harmful.

So after signup or registration on any social site, you should check your privacy settings. So that you can be sure that what type of information is visible to others?

According to my experience and little serve with our friends I am posting few things which should not post on social sites.
5 things you should not post on Social Sites

1: Relationship Status: If you are a girl than this option is very important for you. You should not let to know everybody that you are single or married. Because you can invite someone if you mention you are single.

2: Birth Date : You should not mention full date of birth on social sites because someone can theft this private information from your profile and it can be use like credit card, Bank and other transactions.

3: Don't tag Current Location : This is very important if you are visiting any place or going for holiday, never tag your current location because for this reason everybody will know that you are not available at home.You can share your pictures when you returned or complete your holiday.

4: Other Private information : I think we should not share some basic but very private information on social sites which are :

Phone which you are using in Bank / LIC / other private Bills.
Email Id which you are using in Bank / LIC / other private Bills.
Complete Home address which you are using in Credit card/ Bank / LIC / other private Bills.
Do not post your child photo with complete name


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