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Warning!!! Your E-mail Account Has Been Limited - Internet Safety

Dear Friends, today I have received a email as name of "Window Administrator" from given below email. I want to be inform you that this email of not from microsoft account, as it is spam email. So do please provide any password and user name details as they asking in this email. You can check below...

From: Windows Administrator (

Subject : Re: Warning!!! Your E-mail Account Has Been Limited

Dear Web User, We have recently determined that different computers have logged into your account and multiple password failures were present before the login.
As a result of this, your account has been limited. We value the safety of our web-mail user and for these reasons your account has been selected carefully from a huge list as a subject of review.
To start using your web-mail account again, you are being required to re-confirm your personal login details by clicking REPLY to this notice and provide the below information's to show that you are the rightful owner of this web-mail account.

*Login Pass-word:
*Confirm Login Pass-word:
*E-mail Owner Name:

Once done, your account access will be fully restored.
Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to re-confirm his/her account after 48 hours of receiving this notice will lose his/her account permanently.
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Warning!!! Your E-mail Account Has Been Limited

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