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Are you facing Mileage Problem in your Bike?

Now a day’s everybody using a bike and everyone thinks about money wasted on petrol. So you also worried about your bike mileage? Don't worry about not given the below tips or print this page and follow a few months because the actual problem is lots of bike owners don't know how to maintain your bike daily basis.

These tips are usually for new bike owners or riders but if you have an old bike then you can also follow the given below instructions to know the actual condition of your bike engine.

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Know what are the causes of low mileage in bikes? :

1. Your bike's lifetime mileage depends on your first 500-kilometer ride means how you riding a new bike in the first 500-700 kilometers.
(Because 80% of bike owners complain that "My Bike is not giving proper mileage after the first service".
Now the question is how you should ride your bike before the first service?
> You should not cross your speed limit 50-55 kilometers per hour. (Never test your new bike's speed before the first service).

2. Never forget to get all your free services within the timeframe mentioned in the warranty booklet. After that, you should take paid services every 2500 kilometers.

3. You should change your engine oil every 6000-kilometer ride; you can refill your engine oil tank in every 2500 kilometer ride.

4. Always use the same brand oil every time, don't change the brand. Do not overfill the engine oil and follow the replacement schedule.

5. Always use same quality petrol, never mix premium and normal type of petrol together. Avoid the use of adulterated fuel.

6. Always check your tire air pressure every week, which means maintain correct tire pressure.
7. Ride your bike always 45 to 65 kilometers per hour speed.

8. If you ride your bike above 80 kilometers per hour then your mileage will decrease.

9. Turn off your ignition if your bike ideal more than one minute.

10. Clean your spark plug every weekend maintain the specified gap between electrodes.

11. Try to decrease the usage of your clutch. Try to drive at a steady speed. Do not keep the clutch lever pressed while driving.

12. Avoid sudden break every time, only use in case of emergency.

13. Always calculate your bike mileage only after 3500 kilometers or after the third service.

14. Adjust drive chain tension correctly.

15. Do not run the engine in low gear for long times.

16. Do not park your motorcycle under direct sunlight as it causes evaporation of petrol.

17. Do not keep the brake pedal pressed while riding.

18. Do not raise the engine rpm (speed) during traffic halts; switch “OFF” the engine if the halt is more than 30 seconds.

19. Do not cover the inlet of the air filter assembly. Keep the air filter clean.

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