Must Read: Are you going to pay Rs.130 for free-to-air TV channels only?

Today I have researched over the internet about new TRAI rule, and found that now all viewers have to pay Rs.130 for 100 free to air channels as a network capicity fees. Viewers only will be able to subscribe pay TV channels after paying for 100 free to air TV channels. It is okay for those viewers who have lots of money because middle class family and poor families cannot increase their monthly budget by paying for FREE TV channels which most of time shows fake tele-brand type ads.
Earlier all middle class families was getting free to air channels free or with bundle / subscription pack including pay TV channels. Let’s see this below example on my behalf.
Earlier I was paying Rs.220 for popular pack from a DTH connection. I was getting TV channels in bundles including 40+ pay TV channels and 150+ free to air channels.
Now I am checking prices according to current rules and regulations of pay TV channels which is starting Rs.8 (in round figures) for SD channels and Rs.17 for HD channels.
So let’s calculate it, that how much I have to pay for the same TV channels?
If I am going to subscribe same 40 pay TV channels after 29 December 2018, than it cost me about: 40 X 8 = Rs.320 (only for pay channels)
But as per rule, I cannot subscribe pay TV channels without paying for free to air TV channels which is costing me at Rs.130 per month.
So let’s calculate both, to get same TV channels now I have to pay Rs.320+130 = 450? Oh it is really too much na?
You can see difference; it is costing me double by comparing with my old subscription pack.
I hope you understand above calculation, you can also calculate yourself by your current DTH / IPTV/ Cable TV subscription pack’s prices and channels.

Now question is coming in my mind “why should I pay Rs.130 for free to air channels only which I was already getting in FREE?” Right, so you will ask me, what you going to do now?
So finally I have decided to suspend my current DTH connection, because I am not able to pay Rs.450 for same or FREE TV channels. I am going to install a free to air dish antenna which can be DD Free dish or C-Band dish antenna and going to buy a free to air set-top box. If I have two or three rooms then I can also watch same free to air TV channels everywhere without any monthly charges but it cost me like a onetime investment.
By installing free to air system, I can receive 300-400+ free to air TV channels from different-different satellites by Ku-band and C-band signals.

Now you will ask me another question that you don't love Pay TV channels? What you will do to watch premium content or favourite shows?
Yes, I will feel bad few days but I will see other options available like digital platforms like Sony liv, Hot star, Eros Now, Amazon Prime and Netflix etc. I can also buy free to air + android Os box where I can access both free to air and premium contents without paying huge money.

You may also ask another question, what about your kids?
I will told him to view cartoons and kids programs on digital platforms like YouTube, Smartphone’s and android box which can be install on any type of TV.
I know lots of friends will not be satisfied with my current decisions, but it’s my home and my budget. If you can bear it then you can go ahead with current TV channels provider but I will not.
I think for now just wait and watch what happening with the television / DTH / Cable TV and broadcasting industry after this implementation. If will be wrong then surely I’ll come back because I also missed some pay TV channels.

Looking for comments and feedbacks on this topic, so that I can add more here. See you Friends.

Remember : My thoughts are personal not official, don't mind it.


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