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What Are The Benefits Of Sharing Ideas in SEO perspective?

It is very simple to answer to anyone that sharing is caring but today we will study on this topic in deep.

But sharing is caring means may have different-2 means on different subjects. Today we are looking sharing is caring on online marketing subject. You know that how sharing is caring is helpful for website and blog owners. It is also helpful for new readers, learners, and student who are hungry for a new topic, subject and ideas.

Simply if anyone sharing your post or page then surely that one is caring for you, also he is caring to other readers to suggesting good content or post.

But I think there may be two types of sharings like
Things of Negative Sharing:
Negative sharing and positive sharing. If someone is like negative news, negative updates, negative products that may be negative sharing. for example, if you share a post regarding alcohol, cigarette, drugs, and adult content that it is negative sharing.
Things of Positive Sharing:
in the same another side, if you share positive news, updates, products that are beneficial for others, that is positive sharing. For example, if you saw a good product which you have used then you should share with someone else with the personal review so that he can also get a good product on behalf of your recommendation.
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What my Grandma says:
If you are distributing your knowledge to someone, It means you really care about him, at the same time your knowledge will be double. Because you are deep researching on the topic before pass out.

How it sharing is caring for helping to website or blog owners?
Yes, It is a very important topic because everybody knows that nothing is free. You should keep in mind that whatever you are accessing free on the internet, actually someone is paying for that. So now what is your duty?, I think you should give a small donation, return gift or tip to encourage? yes, absolutely you should encourage everyone to help others. If you can not help financially like donation then you can share his webpage to others, to payback something in form of sharing to his hard work.
For example, if I am writing articles for my readers without sleeping in the night, and from the next morning if someone who is reading this post, sharing post to his friends and family to refer readers, means he really cares my hard work and looking more posts from me.

What actually I've seen in India? :
In India, If you are helping someone then he will not say "thanks" in return, I know you will not surprise because it's true. In some places, maybe some person returns you "thanks" word but without a smile that also doesn't work.
What should be in the same case?:
Actually, everyone needs "Thanks" with a smile, in this way, he will be active to help more and more other next peoples. Because one "thanks" or one "sharing" encourage to help more. It gives a positive energy when you bring a smile on the face.

So as a good responsible reader, you always share the webpage which you browse.

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