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5 Super Tweaks to increase PC / Laptop performance

 Is your laptop running too slow? Do not worry Here we will tell you the method that will increase the speed of your laptop by more than 400 percent with the guarantee.

If you have recently upgraded your laptop with the Windows 10 operating system then you should upgrade your system according to its size.

Windows 10 is providing high speed than the other previous versions of Microsoft. But you may also be required to upgrade your hardware and follow basic tips to feel the full speed of Windows 10.

Know these 5 Super Tweaks to increase Windows 10 Laptop Pc performance and make it feel faster

5) Remove Un-wanted Programs (Uninstall Crapware) -

First, you should check in your laptop about pre-installed crapware software installed by PC manufacturers. Even if your PC maker giving you a fresh operating system, still you may found lots of programs and applications which are unused for you. Just go to the control panel by typing "Control" in run command (CTRL+R), and find "Programs & Features".

Here you can checklist of unwanted programs, just Unstalled them. Please make sure you are installing only unwanted programs.

4) Scan For And Remove Malware, Viruses, and Spyware -

After installing unwanted software from your Windows 10, it is still running too slow then you should check your antivirus software. If you don't have any antivirus then you should download an antivirus program like avast (FREE) or other premium antivirus programs.

To remove malware or viruses, you must download Malwarebytes software and scan your system two times. 

3) Limit Startup Processes -

You can check the list of startup programs starting with your laptop. To check startup programs Just right-click on the taskbar and click on taskbar manager. Now you can see a new window, here you can check a tab - "Startups", here you disable the program which is not needed after startup of your windows 10.

2) Add More RAM Memory -

It is very much recommended to upgrade your RAM if you have upgraded your system software to Windows 10.

Just check your laptop motherboard's serial number find an extra RAM port. If your motherboard has an extra RAM port or is there any option to upgrade RAM then you must upgrade it.

Windows 10 require a minimum of 4GB RAM for good performance, although lots of the laptops with 2GB RAM have also upgraded automatically, all are experiencing low-performance issues.

Here I am comparing RAM Technology -

RAM Type

RAM Frequency

RAM Voltage

RAM Buffering

RAM Transfer Rate

RAM Data Rate




1 bit

200 MT/s






400 MT/s






800 MT/s






1600 MT/s






3200 MT/s


Best RAM Brand according to performance and budget -

1) Upgrade To An SSD Drive -

It is your first priority from all the above options. You must replace your HDD drive disk with an SSD drive, only by using this trick your system speed will be enhanced by 10 times more as compared to earlier.

What is the best SSD drive in 2020?

If you want to convert your basic laptop to gaming laptop performances wise, then you can see the best SSD for the laptop. There are two types of SSD available in the market. First best m.2 SSD which used if your laptop has a separate m.2 SSD port. If your laptop does not have an M2 port then you can use a normal SSD, with the same pin as a harddisk. Or you can also use candy for the extra hard disk on any laptop.

Know these 5 Super Tweaks to increase Windows 10 Laptop Pc performance and make it feel faster
Add Extra SSD in any Laptop using this Second Candy

I have found these Best SSD in 2020 according to performance and budget.

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