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Understand Latest SEO Trends in 2022 | IndexNow, schema, core web vitals

If you like blogging but your blog does not come first in the search engine, then you should understand some tips to make your blog post famous in 2022 and update your WordPress and blogger posts accordingly.

User intent -

If you have a blog website, shopping website, or any website, first of all, you have to see what your user comes to your website for. You just have to find out the reason for his coming. And to improve his experience. The user stays less on your website due to excessive advertising,  or the Text is small or big, the website is slow, etc. You will have to find and correct the reason and solve that.

People also ask -

In 2022, the People Also Ask feature has been started in most search engines, due to which the search engine shows questions and their answers. You just have to answer those questions. If the answer is short, then the user will not visit your blog or website, he will get the answer by looking at the search engine itself. The same answer will be given to the person who will ask the question from Google using Mic.

But still, you should create the content in such a way so that the answers to these questions can be found. You will increase Blog Traffic using it.

Core web vitals -

This is an important factor in 2022, you can see it from the Google Page Speed ​​website. And the factors that increase this factor in your website can be removed. If you use a WordPress to blog, then you can convert your website into an AMP website through AMP Plugin. Which will fix your core web vitals to a great extent. For the Blogger website, you should wait for an update from Blogspot (blogger).

Index Now -

Index Now is a powerful search, through which you can update the news website in the search engine immediately. This feature can be used by the WordPress plugin. I will tell you soon how to use IndexNow for Blogger. You can use IndexNow on a website with news and offers so that the visitor can see the update of your website on Google immediately.

More use of structure data -

Structure Data is used to list your content correctly in Google or other search engines. For example, the time of reading on the recipe website, the time to make, and the type of recipe you see on the Google search page through Structure Data. You can do this by installing the plugin in WordPress. And in Blogger, you have to generate and enter the code of your website.

Long Form Content -

In that, you should use the Long Form keyword in such a way that you do not understand that the keyword has been used deliberately. You can use SEO keyword generator Tool to get the best keywords for your Blog or topic.

Material quality -

Always write your content in detail. But keep in mind that do not mix finesse in it. That is, the content should not be so big in the same thing that has been said many times. Nor should it be so that the visitor has to search and search again, just explain your point and write it in detail.

SEO Content = Quality Content + SEO

Understand Latest SEO Trends in 2022 | IndexNow, schema, core web vitals

Visual and image content -

Always use a unique image or video so that Google can list it on priority, Google stops listing the same image. So that the user experience is good. Use your smartphone or Image Editor.

You should also care about your blog's image listing. Use a Unique image and it should be bigger than 500px. Try to avoid duplicate images.

Focus on On-Page SEO

Offpage SEO means sharing your content on another website, talking, or making links, then on-page SEO means writing your content in such a way that it becomes a keyword on its own and can explain its point in a better way. If the topic is big then put the next part on the next page.

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