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How to Add H1 Tag in Blogspot Post Title for Better SEO

As a Blogger, SEO is a very important part that can give true exposure to your blog for your work hard. H1  Tag is for better SEO or Best organic traffic in 2020. Here organic traffic means, Traffic from Google Search.
 Today, I will let you know how to add an h1 tag in the blogger's post title.

I think, first, you should understand, that how heading tags works.

What is H1 / H2 / H3 heading tags?

The H1 / H2 / H3 / H4 tags in HTML is used to define the heading or section of documents.

These tags contain information about the title and heading of the page.

Most beginners think that it is used to change the style of your heading or title, but it is not true. It always used to define your content in well page-format.

So now you will ask, how to decide where to add H1 / H2 / H3 heading tags?

It is very simple, you should remember below sketch in your mind whenever you publishing a post in your Blogspot blog.

For H1 Tags -

H1 Tag must be used as the title of your page, it should use the only single tag on each page. No duplicate h1 tags allowed. If you do duplicate then Search engines may confuse or unable to understand your page title.

For H2 Tags - 

H2 Tags must be used for important headings of your content, It can be duplicated in a single page. H2 tags are also important for search engines to understand your page content or page format.

For H3 Tags -

H3 Tags are basic tags which can be used as child tag or H2 tag, or you can use where you want to add.

same as, importance decrease when you move to H4, H5 or H6 tags.

How to Add H1 Tag in Blogspot Post Title for Better SEO -

Before adding the H1 tag in your blog post, you must check if it does not exist already. There are lots of websites to check SEO details. or you can follow given below trick -

Open you're any blog post
Make right-click and select “view page source”
Search for class=’post-title entry-title’
Check whether this class is covered by H3 or some other tag
If it's not an H1 tag then we can add H1 tag in Blogspot post titles.

how to create h1 tags in blogspot, blogger

Just go to Theme >> Click on 3 dots >> Edit HTML

Copy “post-title entry-title” and press control+F to find the text.

So where ever you find that text it will be in the below ways
<h3 class=’post-title entry-title’

Rename “h3” to “h1”.
Most of the templates have this tag two places.

try to find below line :

&lt;h1 class='title' style='background:

And rename that 

"&lt;h1" to "&lt;h2".

In my case, I found the above text at two places and I renamed both.

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