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Should I sell on marketplaces in India? Online Sellers

I will give you a few reasons that you should not sell your products on marketplaces. If you have unique products or services then you should not take the help of marketplaces. Here you should read this article carefully then you will easily understand what I want to say. There are lots of benefits also for selling on marketplaces but today I will tell you only cons and bad reasons.

Learn Why you should not sell on marketplaces? knowDisadvantages of Selling on Marketplaces. Should I sell on marketplaces? I will say NO

1. You will born the competitors -

If you have a unique item then you should not sell on the marketplace's website because when you will stock out the marketplace send email notifications to other sellers that this item is top demanded to arrange for stock. It means you will born competitors for your brands. Some of the competitors make the same products with high research that can be good for customer point of view but few competitors just arrange to the same copy of an item from China, because they want to earn money in any condition. These tactic spoils trust in your item. Once you receive stock then you will stop getting orders from customers. You will find lots of sellers selling the same item which they bought from the same cheap importer. So it is very dangerous.

2. Fake Returns -

If you have listed your items then lots of buyers will start to replace their old items with a new one. The buyers keep the new item and return the old item to the seller. Old items sometimes may be fake or look like the same item. Which you can not sell to next time. So it is a total loss of Items including shipping fees.

3. Fake Reviews -

Once your competitors are born they will start hiding the original product owner with the help of fake reviewers. You can easily find fake reviewer's companies. These Fake review brokers attempt to profit by deceiving unknowing consumers.

Solution - 

Make your own shopping site like your owned physical shop, Just find a better name of the website is called domain name and buy hosting, If you don't know about it contact to marginsite, they will guide you. and try to provide better service honestly including low price because you will also save marketplace commission and fake returns economy.

But you should aware that your own shopping website will not get many orders from starting. you have to win the hearts of your customer by providing your services. There are lots of websites that are selling their goods independently and not selling on marketplaces like solid and marginbaba.

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