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"Urban Naxals" book after The Kashmir Files Reviews

Inspired by The Kashmir Files, today I bought Vivek Agnihotri's book Urban Naxals from Amazon. And after reading this book, I will buy Vivek ji's next book Who Killed Shastri?: The Tashkent Files. I have completed my graduation in history and economics, so my inclination is very much toward history. When I want to learn, then I learn about SEO, Blogging, Domain, Hosting, Cloud, CDN, IPTV, Satellite Broadcasting, and Writing and try to read history in my spare time.

After all, why and what did buy this book after thinking?

Because I thought that Vivek Agnihotri has made a good discovery about the recent history of India.

Vivek Agnihotri has thoroughly explored the history that was hidden after independence, he has also used RTI (Rights to Information) to validate the information with the government records and has also presented the facts behind his talk. I heard this during an interview on YouTube. However, most filmmakers or writers do not do this.

I have heard the word "Urban Naxals" many times, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has probably spoken this word. You can google it if you want.

The main reason for buying this book today is you can give it to The Kashmir Files movie. The Kashmir Files Movie is a low-budget film that shows the true events of Kashmir. The Kashmir Files picture's IMDb rating and people's reaction show how much impact this film has had on their hearts, but this effect will be visible only to those who are truly bhakts of the country. For those for whom the interest of the country is everything or those who give importance to the country more than the family or selfishness or those who give importance to the country more than the religion.

Urban Naxals Book Reviews on Amazon -

I Bought Urban Naxals book after watching The Kashmir Files Reviews
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This movie also exposed the Bollywood gang who created those movies where villains were only Thakur. They openly used the Thakur word, and the same people hesitate to take the names of terrorists.

This movie also exposed media journalists who are writing their articles in international newspapers for earning and agenda but they didn't give any story to the world about Kashmiri Hindus.

People whose heart is not affected by this film are trying to give any agenda to the incident in Kashmir. Maybe I can get some more information about him from this book Urban Naxals. Although I have read different views of people about Urban Naxals, Who are urban Naxals on the quora website, now I will read this book so that the truth can be more clear and I can give correct knowledge to my children.

People on Amazon have given very good reviews of the book Urban Naxals. This book has become the fastest-selling and #1 bestseller on Amazon.

Soon after reading this Urban Naxals book, I will review what I came to know. You can also give your review of this post through a comment.

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